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3D floor plans are an essential tool in the hands of any developer.

3D floor plans are a type of visualization that can be created for any real estate development project. It doesn’t matter whether we are thinking here about large residential complexes located in the center of large cities or single-family houses, which are supposed to allow you to escape from the hustle and bustle of this city. With candle to look for developers who do not sell real estate with the help of 3D floor plans. There is nothing special about such visualizations, they are much more pleasing to the eye “dry” drawings, which were delivered directly from the architects. The customer will certainly be more interested in such a colorful visualization of the space he is interested in. It is safe to say that such graphics significantly increase the chance of a sale.

3D floor plans – how is it done?

There are two beginnings, the customer provides us with ready-made projections of the building from a CAD program, or a scanned construction project of the object on the basis of which the walls are modeled. In the first case, the work goes much faster because it does not require manual “redrawing” of the project into 3D space. But rest assured we can handle any source material. Then comes the most interesting part – the arrangement of the living space. The selection of furniture, finishing materials, accessories as well as the choice of camera angles. Often consciously using a more subdued or bright color palette – it all depends on what kind of client we are targeting with our visualizations. Finally, all we need to do is light everything and perform post processing and we’re done.