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Product 3D visualizations,
3D modelling, packshots

What are product visualizations?

Product visualizations are used to show products in the most attractive way for the viewer. The possibilities of creating a 3D model of a product are endless, 3D graphics gives us full flexibility. We can show any object that exists, for example, only on paper or in the imagination of the designer. In addition, we can make it from any material.

We start the whole job by making a 3D model or importing a model created in CAD design programs, depending on the data available to us, we create as detailed a model as possible on a scale of 1:1. To render all even the smallest details. Such a model can then be saved in a universal format to create a database of products for download, for example, by architects.

Then we move on to the next stage usually packshots, that is, shots along the lines of studio product photography – often in the form of a product on a white background. At this stage we can finish the visualization of the product, or consider whether it is worth using the already created 3D model to place the product in its natural environment, such as an interior.

What is a packshot?

Packshot is most often a static image presenting a product, it should well represent the presented item and bring out its advantages. Most often the presentation of a product is done on a white background, or without a background in the form of a .png file with transparency enabled. Such packshots can then be used in the form of production of an advertising catalog or placed on a website.
Since 3D graphics offers virtually unlimited creative possibilities it is possible, for example, to make 360-degree packshots, cross-sections, assembly instructions, etc.
This is a must-have item to start selling a product. Based on 3D graphics skills, we can create any product, packshots depicting product packaging are very popular. Professional 3D renderings, are a showcase of the product and provide a solid basis for further promotion and sales.