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Property brochures

Property brochures – an often underestimated sales tool

Property brochures are an often underestimated sales tool, and they allow you to sell apartments in a visually appealing way. It is much easier to reach potential buyers with attractively visual Property brochures than by showing crude architectural projections. Well-made Property brochures increase the chances of buyer interest and, ultimately, sales success. On such a card we have in a nutshell all the necessary information – such as the area of the apartment, the area of the garden (if there is one), the number of rooms, etc.

Such a card gives a potential contractor black-on-white information in a nutshell about the investment he intends to purchase, and its attractive, elegant graphic design further reinforces the professionalism of the investment (and its seller). Nowadays, the form of presentation as well as the “packaging” of the product being sold is very important, we live in a picture culture present times require us to make an interesting, professional presentation in order to achieve sales success.


Types of Property brochures

Most often, Property brochures are made based on previously prepared 3D floor plans, along with area tables. Property brochures are also often made in this way. By appropriately describing the rooms on the 3D floor plans, such a designed card in the form of a .pdf file to be printed by the client or to be presented on a mobile device, appeals to the client directly, allowing him to imagine an apartment already ready for habitation.

The cards can also be made based on 3D floor plans, which can be colored, or left as black and white.


Advantages of property brochures

Certainly the advantages of property brochures are, their ease of reception by the client, the collection of all the most important information in a condensed attractively graphic form, as well as the possibility of printing it on a home printer for presentation at a meeting.

We encourage you to contact our studio and order Property brochures, this is a very effective, even essential tool in the promotion of the developer’s investment.

Property brochures are applicable for any real estate development project, such as single-family house estates, multi-family buildings, rental units and even entire rental buildings.