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Visualizations of furniture.

Visualizations as an attractive professional product presentation.

We all know how important it is these days to have a proper visual presentation of the product we intend to sell, this is where furniture visualizations come to our aid. Thanks to 3D graphics, we do not need to hire a photo studio, arrange the scene, produce the furniture we want to show, with the use of only a graphics program we can show the furniture in its natural environment. We can show kitchen furniture inside an apartment, office furniture on the top floor of a skyscraper, or a couch in a quiet living room. The great thing about furniture visualizations is that we can show a multitude of textures and colors – it’s even possible to show the entire color palette for a given product series. Visualizations are also great for market research; you can use them to probe the market to see if a product will catch on without the expense of producing prototypes and photographing them.

The whole order starts with making a 3D model or importing a model created in CAD design programs, depending on the data available to us we create as detailed a model as possible on a scale of 1:1. To render all even the smallest details. Such a model can then be saved in a universal format to create a database of products for download, for example, by architects.

Visualizations of furniture applications

Furniture visualizations, whether in the form of a visualization of a piece of furniture in an interior or packshot (visualization on a white background), are used in many marketing and sales tools. From furniture visualizations we can design a catalog, flyer, advertising brochure, Google Ads banners, billboards as well as print ads.

It is also common to use visualizations for online advertising, or to show them on social media. We encourage you to contact our studio to order visualizations or to consult and select the right solutions for you. Thanks to our many years of experience in the field of visualization, we will be able to help and suggest the right solutions to make your business a sales success.

We make visualizations of furniture of any kind – kitchen furniture, upholstered furniture, office furniture, study furniture and others. We encourage you to take a look at our portfolio and contact us.